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White Label Application with branding options

White Label Application

We provide an advanced multi-functional mobile platform for fintechs. Our customizable mobile application enables various fintech use-cases. Choose Quicko and brand your app with your company logo, background colours, icons, languages, loading screen/splash screen, and cards visuals. We can add any module you need like NFC/Issuer Wallet, External Wallets, P2P & QR, Card Issuing, KYC, Loyalty or Fitness. Choose any components you want and enjoy multiple fintech functionalities!

Customize Your Own White Label App

1.     Registration and authentication  

2.    Application security support   (including Apple TouchID and Apple FaceID)  

3.    Digitization and tokenization

4.    Wide range of payments and money transfers   (e.g. NFC, Peer2Peer, QR, PayByLink)

5.    eKYC mechanism  

6.    Transaction history  

7.    Adding receipts  

8.    Storage of loyalty cards  

Benefit from White Label Solution


PCI DSS & 3D Secure

eKYC mechanism

Functional certification

Implementation time

Ready-made software

White-Labelling UX

MVP possible in 4 months

White label solution

Fully customizable

Components of your choice

Available on Google Android and Apple iOS

White label solution implemented by Quicko

Solution Implementation

Name: Quicko Wallet

Implementation time: 3 months


Creating a multifunctional application with the following functionalities:

  • Loyalty cards: The purpose of functionality is to enable the management of loyalty cards in the application. The functionality is also available in the offline version, without user registration. The data is available in the cache of the phone.

  • QR business cards with the address: The functionality goal is to save addresses and identify the user via a QR code. One of the modules of the application are Addresses where the user can save data and generate business cards by scanning the QR code. In addition, the functionality gives the user the ability to make payments where the recipient's details are provided for using the QR code. The mobile app should identify the payment flow after scanning the QR code for the person initiating the payment and present it on the screen for the person who is the payment recipient.

  • Prepaid cards: Microservice. Pre-Paid cards enable the application user to generate and manage virtual cards assigned to a given user balance.

  • Virtual balances: Related to the microservice of pre-paid cards. The user can generate balances in PLN and EUR and assign generated pre-paid cards to them.

Check out our White Label Solution and download Quicko Wallet now

1. Free use of ATMs within the European Union

- Quick access to your own money abroad

- A small fee may only be charged for withdrawals from ATMs in Poland

Download for iPhone

2. Cheapest foreign payments

- Transparency and simple settlement

- Pay only the equivalent of 1% of the total amount for currency conversion

- No monthly fees / no hidden costs

Download for Android

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