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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant

Card Processing

We'll help you choose the best card processing option for your business. Quicko handles payment card transactions for businesses. Card processing works through several parties. As a certified payment institution we guarantee the highest level of security. We cover all necessary requirements and adhere to PCI DSS standards. Let’s partner together!

Let Us Process Your Transactions Securely

API connection

API connection

Easy-to-use API

Stable & scalable API

Single integration

Comprehensive transaction processing

End2End transaction processing

Comprehensive transaction processing




Cardholder support

Cardholder support

Security standards


(PCI DSS, 3DS 2.0)

Set-up & maintenance

  Transaction authorization & processing  Compliance  


3D Secure 2.0  

Supervised by the Financial Supervision Commission  

Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention



Fraud-free user verification  

Administration panel

Administration panel

Convenient & intuitive  

User Management  

Issued cards management  

Smart transaction filtering

Smart transaction filtering

Ultra-fast transaction analytics

Real-time fraud detection

Smart monitoring


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