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Frequently Asked Questions about Quicko

Browse through the FAQ and find out more about the Quicko products & solutions for your business.

  • What are the acceptable cooperation models?
    A. Affiliate Mastercard B. Co-branding with a new, dedicated BIN C. Co-branding with available Quicko BINs
  • In which currencies can I issue cards?
    Currently, cards can be issued in PLN, EURO, USD.
  • Which cards can be used for contactless payments?
    You can make contactless payments with virtual Quicko cards generated in the app. You can pay directly with the Quicko app on Android devices or by adding the card to Apple Pay for iOS devices. You can also use our cards through Google Pay, Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay.
  • Do I have to be MIP or KIP status to issue payment cards?
    Depending on the business objectives. A company wishing to become a co-brand partner does not need to have a license.
  • Is Quicko a trusted partner?
    Quicko is a National Payment Institution subject to strict legal regulations and expert audits. Customer funds are protected by the Payments Act.
  • How to pay online, using Quicko Wallet?
    You can pay online with Quicko virtual cards generated in the application. In order to pay online, it is necessary to enter the card details which you will find in the Quicko card details. Access to the card details is secured by PIN re-verification or biometrics.
  • What if I lose my contactless payment wearable?
    The wearable is linked to the cardholder's bank account. Quicko’s tokenization service can control the wearable device remotely and deactivate the payment function.
  • What are virtual cards?
    Virtual cards are generated in the Quicko app that you can load and pay with wherever you want. You can fully manage your virtual card through the Quicko app.
  • How long does it take to launch a project?
    The time of project implementation is strictly dependent on the necessary integration works. The minimum integration time is two months, largely depends on the customer's technical team.
  • How do contactless payment wearables work?
    A small piece of secure payment technology is integrated into wearable payment devices. The NFC-enabled wearables offer you the convenience of contactless payments.

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