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About Quicko

Quicko is a Polish fintech company based in Tarnowskie Góry, Poland. Our activity in the high-tech industry started with selling smart contactless payment devices and wearables.


Our next projects focused on the development of payment apps: Clever Bill, a mobile app for bill payments and P2P transfers, and Quicko Wallet, a multifunctional digital wallet with Mastercard payment cards issued by Quicko.


Since July 2019, we have been operating as a small payment institution. In September 2021, we became a National Payment Institution supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). The license granted to Quicko includes, i.a., issuing payment instruments, processing transactions, access to open banking, along with obtaining bank account data and initiating payments.


We respond to the needs of any client who is looking for technological solutions for card issuing, online payments, contactless payment devices, and other payment services. We have strong Mastercard support, as we partner with Mastercard on the basis of the license for issuing payment cards.


Supervised by

KNF | Polish Financial Supervision Authority

License No. IP52/2021

Man using a payment app developed by Quicko

Our Values

Startup support
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Professional expertise 

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Operational speed 





Quicko in a nutshell

Wearable payment devices

Recognized wearable payment devices player in the EU market since 2010

Small Payment Institution in Poland

Small Payment Institution since 2019 (Polish: MIP)

Licensed Mastercard Principal issuer

Licensed Mastercard Principal issuer since July 2020

Card issuing offered by Quicko

Live 3 BINs and first cards issued in December 2020 (debit business, debit consumer, prepaid + credit soon)

Mastercard Digital Enablement Services

Mastercard Digital Enablement Services live: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitibit Pay available since 2021

National Payment Institution in Poland

National Payment Institution since 2021 (Polish KIP)

Digital wallets developed by Quicko

Live B2C products – mobile wallet “Quicko Wallet” and “Sprytny Bill” available in app stores

Team of professionals from payments and IT industry

Team of professionals from payments and IT industry (Mastercard, IBM, banking)

Personalized issuing models used by Quicko

Personalized issuing models: e.g. affiliate, BIN sponsoring (co-brand)

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