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We care about the security of customers' data

Quicko Ltd. is a Polish National Payment Institution, under the supervision of the Financial Supervision Commission.


We are PCI DSS (short for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified and meet the security standards set by financial organizations to protect cardholders' personal data and information related to data protection. 


Meeting PCI DSS requirements means that processed card data and PIN numbers are encrypted, transmitted and stored with proper procedures and standards. In this way, we minimize the risk of fraud for both cardholders and acceptance points.


We provide comprehensive processing and monitoring of payment transactions in our secure IT systems. All our procedures comply with VISA and Mastercard requirements. We meet all the requirements for processing & settlement of transactions, as well as handling of transaction complaints and chargebacks.


We secure transactions made without the physical use of the card (online payments) using the 3D Secure service. This kind of protection involves additional authorization of transactions in Quicko using two-factor authentication.


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