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More than card issuing

Our Products

Card Issuing

Create your ready-to-use payment cards in seconds! We offer quick virtual and plastic card issuing for your business

Card Processing

Discover our user-friendly finance management tools! We bring together fast and secure card management and transaction processing

Payment Services

Enhance your payment experience with Quicko! We provide a wide range of payment products including virtual IBANs and SEPA transfers

Mobile phone with a payment application for online and contactless payments
White Label Application

Get a customizable white label wallet and payment solutions for your business! We'll help you make a fintech product with any functionality you want

Our Values

Startup support
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Professional expertise


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Operational speed


Your trusted



Remote verification

Our Partners

Developer Zone: explore our APIs

IT professional looking for a developer zone to integrate with a software-as-a-service platform
User Lifecycle & Card Management API & SDK

Web service and PCI compliant zone. Full user management and secured connection to all Quicko products. Safely add and manage user & payment cards!

Card Management System

Card issuing and account opening. Performing KYC and eKYC before card issuing. Easily manage card & user balance in CMS!

Single Integration

All-in-one solution. Integrate with Quicko and issue virtual and plastic cards instantly!

Explore our easy-to-use APIs. Single integration with Quicko will enable you to issue virtual and plastic cards instantly. We designed tools and resources for developers to ensure seamless compatibility and maximum flexibility for your business

Administration Panel

A useful tool to work with your online application. Flexibility & customization with your brand. Manage customers & their cards, IBANs, devices, and track history of payments with ease!

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